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Cheap Car Rental Nottingham

What Nottingham might lack in major landmarks and buildings (except for the mighty Nottingham Castle!), it more than makes up for with its sheer energy and diversity of attractions. Two large universities give the city a refreshing, youthful vitality, and the buzzing bars and nightclubs reflect this. If you’re looking for a good night out, the city centre is one of the most active in the country (check out the Hockley district for the funkiest clubs and bars). The many theatres, galleries and museums mean that those looking for more cultural pursuits are also well catered for. The superb Nottingham City Museums are a group of galleries and exhibition halls started in the 1800s and filled with thousands of donations and discoveries by local benefactors.

Nottingham by Car: Great Sights at Bargain Prices

Of course, Sherwood Forest a must-see for anyone who enjoys the stories of Robin Hood and his band of legendary outlaws. Near Nottingham Castle is also the wonderful Tales of Robin Hood – Nottingham’s most popular tourist attraction. A place to discover everything from falconry to archery, this mini-theme park makes for a fantastic day out for all the family.