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Discover Alghero in your cheap car rental

Alghero is a gorgeous, old fashioned Italian town that after years of Spanish colonisation still has strong Catalonian influences. You will soon see that the town’s architecture, customs, local language and the typical food that is served all contain strong Catalonian touches. Furthermore, the town’s nickname “Barceloneta” (little Barcelona) speaks volumes of Alghero’s Spanish heritage. Despite this the old centre is also very typical of ancient Italian towns and is often likened to Sorrento and San Remo.

Whilst you’re there be sure to wile away the hours simply enjoying the town. Wander the cobbled streets that are crammed with bars, restaurants and boutiques selling anything from stunning shoes and handbags, to clothing, cosmetics or the local speciality of coral jewellery. A stroll along the sea front is an after dinner must or if the mood takes why not enjoy a cocktail at one of the many cafes or bars that spill out into the streets of the Piazza Civica.

The famous cave complex of Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grotto) can be reached on one of the boat tours from the harbour. Or in your cheap car hire by driving out to Capo Caccia and taking the six hundred and fifty six steps down to the cave’s entrance. After viewing the magical caves many visitors like to stay on and watch the sunset from the Capo Caccia cliff top.

Be sure to take advantage of the local beaches that are renowned for their fine white sands and turquoise waters, and rival those of Sardinia’s celebrity haunt Costa Smeralda.

Cheapest car hire at Alghero Fertilia Airport?

Budget airlines Ryanair, Thomson Airways and Air One all fly into Alghero Airport. A cheap car hire is the ideal way to get from the airport to your holiday resort, so why not combine our cheap car rental service with one of the many available budget flights to Alghero?