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Low Cost Car Rental in Naples

Naples vibrates with sheer enthusiasm and an infectious zest for life. From Sophia Loren to pizza, Neapolitans are proud of their exports and rightly so! There’s much for the visitor to enjoy in Naples, from cultural activities and shopping, to sampling rich Italian cuisine at some fantastic restaurants. Some of the most amazing sights are slightly outside the buzzing urban centre. Pompeii is an incredible, surreal attraction. Located near the base of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was a town going about its daily business when the volcano erupted in 79 A.D. The layer of ash and hot mud perfectly preserved the town and many of its unfortunate citizens. You can also trek to the top of Vesuvius (known affectionately as "Old Big Nose") and take a look at the views from above.

Naples by Car: Great Sights at Bargain Prices

Renting a car in Naples is one of the easiest ways to access some of the nearby attractions. You could take a trip to the catacombs at San Gennaro, a fascinating network of cold underground tombs decorated in early Christian art from the 2nd century B.C.