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Low Cost Car Rental in Jersey

Jersey’s strong ties with France are evident in the French street names and Norman architecture, but the island has been an autonomously governed British dependency since the hundred years war. Jersey has a very relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, with small winding lanes and a soothing landscape of wildflowers and patchwork fields. The island is justly proud of its wonderful coastline, with beaches to sunbathe on and rocky shores to wander across. You may even see glimpses of an ancient petrified forest on the shores of St. Ouen at low tide. Jersey has a rich tradition of arts and crafts, and some wonderful local artisans make a whole array of collectable souvenirs, including rare agateware and fine clay models. A must see attraction is Elizabeth Castle, which lies perched on a rugged islet and was named by Sir Walter Raleigh, the then Governor of Jersey.

Jersey by Car: Great sights at Bargain Prices

Rent a car in Jersey and enjoy the flexibility that comes with having your own transport. With so many attractions and highlights in the island interior, and some of the most beautiful coastal routes in Europe, touring Jersey can be a magical experience.