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Car Hire Granada

Low Cost Car Rental in Granada

With its Moorish architecture and ancient treasures, Granada is a city steeped in character and history. The Arabs, invading the peninsula in the 8th century, gave it its current name of Granada, meaning "Great Castle" after the Roman fortress that once stood on the Albaicin Hill. It was the last Muslim city to fall to the Christians in 1492, at the hands of Queen Isabel of Castile and her husband Ferdinand of Aragon. With such a dramatic, exciting background, it’s no surprise that Granada is home to one of the most stunning structural relics of the old-world. The Alhambra is a series of 14th century Palaces, gardens and assorted buildings stands at the base of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range. At its centre, the Palace of Charles V towers imposingly, and the rest of the compound is filled with a mixture of Christian and Moorish design in Granada's unique "mudéjar" style.

Granada by Car: Great Sights at Bargain Prices

Visit the labyrinth streets of the Albaicin, the old Moorish Kasbah facing the Alhambra. The Plaza de San Nicolas, at the highest point of the Albaicin, is famous for its magnificent view of the Moorish palace. The Sacromonte hill, which looms over the city, is famous for its ancient cave dwellings.