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Cheap Car Hire Valladolid

125 miles north of Madrid, Valladolid has a history tied up with some of the most important figures in Spanish and European history. Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid. Phillip II was born here and Isabella and Ferdinand were married here. It’s easy to see why the city has a special place in the hearts of the Spanish. The centre is busy and quite noisy, but there are plenty of treats amongst the bustle. The city boasts some excellent museums, including the Museo Oriental, with superb exhibits on oriental and Asian culture, and the Museuo Nacional De Escultura, a celebration of Spanish culture in a series of colourful displays. For something a little different, why not pay a visit to the Museum of Wine and find out more about the making (and drinking!) of this endlessly popular drink.

Valladolid by Car: Great Sights at Bargain Prices

Renting a car in Valladolid is the best way to get the most out of your visit. An hour to the north of the city are the stunning caves of Altapuerca where relics from some of the first human inhabitants of Europe can be found, dating back as far as 780,000 years ago. The area surrounding Valladolid is also peppered with some striking ruins and castles, including the famous La Mota.