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Search for car hire in Northern Ireland

With an outstanding range of scenery, the Northern Ireland's catalogue of opportunities for adventure is full and exciting. From a patchwork of green-carpeted mountains embellished with navy blue valleys, to quintessential family beach towns and the remarkable, cobalt hexagons making up Giant's Causeway, to tiny fertile islands covered with dense emerald forest, this country is well equipped for visitors.

Home to a fascinating array of wildlife, some truly phenomenal sights occur here. Taking part in a literal wild goose chase is possible in this part of the world; nearly the entire population of light-bellied Brent Geese travel 3000 miles and arrive at an islet-studded loch (the largest in the British Isles) on the east coast. Tens of thousand of these exquisite water birds journey across two continents, defying all the odds to reach their refuelling station in Northern Ireland.

Not only are the animals spectacular, there are fascinating trees to be found in Northern Ireland. Seek out the tough, evergreen leaves of the monkey puzzle; the healing properties of the eucalyptus; the auburn bark of the giant redwood. For peaceful contemplation combined with invigorating, exhilarating exercise, moonlight kayaking at the foot of a mountain gets the gold. Raspberry and lavender tinted skies accompany the gentle, rippling sounds of the river parted by slow, rhythmic oars.

Those who prefer to work for their food as opposed to the views can catch and cook a fish breakfast aboard a majestic boat. Inhale the dewy morning air and embrace the glowing sun rising on a honey-hued horizon. For dining in a pub, Irish stew, champ and soda bread are homely and hearty classics born in the region.

Tips for hiring a car in Northern Ireland

Tip 1
If you're planning on crossing the border to the Republic of Ireland, don't worry - thousands of commuters cross this border every day with ease.
Tip 2
In the rural areas, watch out for deer, sheep and other livestock. They're fast and unpredictable and may surprise you when you least expect!
Tip 3
There are a number of tolls throughout Northern Ireland, a number of which are unavoidable. Put aside a budget for this beforehand.
Tip 4
Unlike the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland's currency is Pound Sterling. Many high street stores will still accept Euros, though.

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