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Low Cost Car Rental in England

From the sheer buzz and excitement of London to the peace and tranquility of the Lake District, England is loaded with attractions. In London you can visit famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and Nelson’s Column, take a spin on the London Eye, shop till you drop at Covent Garden and sample world-class theatre and cuisine. In the north the vibrant cities of Manchester, Bristol and the European Capital Of Culture in 2008, Liverpool have much to offer, including some of the best nightclubs in Britain. England has one of the longest coastlines in Europe, with pleasant yellow beaches all round the country, and a laid back surfing culture in Cornwall and Devon.

England by Car: Great sights at Bargain Prices

Renting a car is the best way to see the sights in England and have the freedom to explore the country at your own pace. Whether you are taking a scenic drive through the stunning Pennines, or discovering home-cooked food in a cosy local village pub, renting a low cost car gives you flexibility without the expense.