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Low Cost Car Rental in Tunisia

If it’s beaches you are after you couldn’t do much better than to visit the warm golden sands of Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, Djerba, Naubel or Tarka. With their sparkling shores and impressive infrastructure of hotels and restaurants beautifully juxtaposed with the ancient medinas, all interwoven in a pleasing architectural harmony.Or try the South if you fancy watching the sun rise over the Sahara. Pretty desert towns like Tozer offer the opportunity to experience a real desert oasis with a 14th century medina and stunning botanical gardens.

Tunisia by Car: Great sights at Bargain Price

Rent a car and you can discover hidden gems away from the main tourist areas. Mides – The Village of the Canyon, is under visited because there are very few means of getting there, you will definitely need your own transport. But it is worth the effort to witness the stunning gorge that stretches for 3km and was used as part of the villages defence in older days.