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Low Cost Car Rental inUnited Arab Emirates

So where do you start? Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities in the world, the capital and the centre of business in UAE. Dubai, is the second largest of the Emirates, its natural harbour historically made it a centre for trade and that tradition has continued – prepare to shop till you drop! Sharajah is UAE’s cultural capital, headquarters to the Authors and Writers Union, and curiously also UAE’s cricket capital. Ras Al Khaimah has a long history of fishing and agriculture, although it methods have been modernised it is still a main supplier of fruit, vegetables, milk and poultry to the rest of the UAE. Umm Al Quwain was historically best known for its fishing and date cultivation industries, however these days it tends to be the long, clean beaches, enclosed lagoon and horse riding facilities that bring the tourists in. Ajman is the smallest of all the emirates with an area of just 260 square kilometres. And last but by no means least Fujairah whose clean beaches, watersports and deep sea fishing attract tourists all year round.

United Arab Emirates by Car: Great sights at Bargain Prices

So the choice, as they say, is yours. But wherever you go in the United Arab Emirates, with its amazing climate, warm seas, glorious beaches, stunning restaurants and unbelievable shopping experiences all the ingredients will be there for an amazing holiday.