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Search for car hire in Dublin

Dublin - the capital of the Republic of Ireland - is one of the most popular cities amongst European tourists. It provides plenty of green spaces, including a particularly special one named St Stephen's Green. A mini Central Park, this creatively and methodically landscaped square is a lovely surprise in the middle of the city. Georgian houses with ivy jackets surround willows drooping lazily into lakes and arched bridges that almost belong in a Monet painting.

Below the city sits the vast landscape of the Wicklow Mountains. From green pastures and water-filled hollows, to soft peaks and icy summits, this national park is diverse. Bogs provide the ideal home for carnivorous plants and dragonflies, whilst the rugged heaths and overgrown forests are a sanctuary for wild red deer.

This brilliantly bleak landscape holds secret graveyards, and at the eastern edge of the mountains is the dramatic waterfall of Powerscourt. Those brave enough to visit after heavy rain will experience an intense display of nature.

North of Dublin is Brú na Bóinne, one of the most important Neolithic sites in the world. Older than the pyramids, these stone age tombs are not only fascinating, but ahead of their time. Unusual acre-sized mounds were created so that during winter solstice, the sun dramatically illuminates a chamber inside. Combining astronomical and religious influences, the warren of passageways inside the structures demonstrate a high-level of organisation by such an ancient civilization.

Tips for hiring a car in Dublin

Tip 1
In Dublin, as in the rest of the Republic of Ireland, all cars drive on the left. If you're not used to it you can rent an automatic, which will reduce the complications.
Tip 2
It is customary in Dublin to pull to the side if a nearby vehicle is travelling at a faster speed. Do this for other drivers and the courtesy will be returned.
Tip 3
Keep in mind that the speed limit will be written in kilometers so you will need to do the maths if you're used to miles. For reference, 1km is just over 60% of a mile.
Tip 4
Laws against drinking and driving are very strict in Dublin, so always decide on a designated driver if you plan on drinking. The limit is now 50mg per 100ml of blood.

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Keddy by Europcar
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Average Rating: 4.5/5

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