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Thailand car hire tips

  • Where to pick up your car

    There are over 35 car hire locations in Thailand, and the most popular city is Bangkok.

  • Top car rental brands

    The most popular car rental brands in Thailand are Avis, Hertz, Thai Rent A Car, National and Budget.

  • Best time to hire a car

    The cheapest months to pick up your car hire in Thailand are October and August.

  • Local currency

    Baht (THB)

  • Side of road


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Hire a car in Thailand

A favourite Southeast Asian destination, Thailand is a wellspring of diversity.

Difficult to capture on a single postcard picture, the country is a fusion of palm lined beaches, charismatic islands, energetic cities and majestic ancient temples. A hub for backpackers but loved by all who venture through, Thailand’s exquisite food and one-of-a-kind festivals are part of the country’s cultural charm.

Plot your road trip to discover Thailand’s heavenly landscapes and get off the well trodden tourist track. easyCar compares top brands to make sure you get the best price for your rental.

Car hire knowledge

Thailand driving tips

Frequently asked question Answer
Most popular place to hire a car in Thailand Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Phuket Airport
Most popular rental length Three to five days
Most popular month to rent a car December

There are thousands of these two wheelers buzzing around Thailand, and it's common for them to be overloaded with goods, going the wrong direction or pulling risky moves. Keep a lookout!

Driving etiquette
Tailgating and cutting other drivers off is common, and signalling is unlikely. Thai drivers also fancy nudging their way into dense traffic, so drive defensively.

Pedestrian crossings
Unlike in Western countries, marked pedestrian crossings do not mean cars are to yield for pedestrians. Rather, it’s the opposite, as stopping for walkers disrupts the flow of traffic.

Thailand travel tips

There are so many, if you try to see them all, you’ll burn yourself out! Visiting is usually free. You must remove your shoes and hats before entering, avoid getting in the way of locals worshipping, and dress modestly.

Rainy season
Rainy season occurs throughout most of Thailand from June to October. It rains almost everyday during these months and storms can be very intense. Flooding is also common and can cause issues driving.

From night bazaars to floating markets, there are plenty of places to shop, but remember to haggle! You can usually talk your price down by at least a third.

Return a ‘wai’
Wai is a greeting where you bow your head while keeping your hands in a praying gesture. It is polite to smile and return this gesture to anyone welcoming you this manner.

Places to go in Thailand

  • Bangkok

    Thailand’s capital and travel hub, the city is bursting with opulent temples, 24-hour street food and chaotic markets.

  • Erawan National Park

    Known for its glorious seven-tiered waterfall and stalagmite riddled caves.

  • Ayutthaya

    Ruins of buddhist temples, monasteries and statues are scattered across this former ancient capital.

  • Sukhothai

    A complex of partially rebuilt temple ruins from the Siamese empire, dating back to Thailand’s golden age.

  • Chiang Mai

    The largest city in northern Thailand, the metropolis has a vibrant nightlife, making it a traveller’s playground.

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