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Thessaloniki car hire tips

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    Where to pick up your car

    The most popular car hire location is Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG), just over 20 mins' drive from the centre (about 20km).

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    Top car rental brands

    The most popular car rental brands in Thessaloniki are Thrifty, Caldera, Avis, Budget and Enterprise.

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    Local currency

    Euro (EUR)

  • Average temperatures

    Warmest month: July (25°C)
    Coldest month: January (6°C)

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Hire a car in Thessaloniki

The second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is checkered with culture and an avant-garde art scene.

Compared to many other Greek destinations, Thessaloniki is a modern city, with few ancient monuments. This is due to two great tragedies: a great fire that raged through the city in 1917 and heavy bombings during World War II. The archeological sites and Byzantine monuments that are left may not compete with Athens’ Acropolis, but they are undeniably atmospheric.

While Thessaloniki itself doesn’t have Greece’s Grade A beaches, you can find some of the country’s best in the Halkidiki region, a short drive from Thessaloniki.

Car rental in Thessaloniki – the numbers

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the most popular rental length in Thessaloniki?
A. Seven to eight days.

Q. When is the most popular time to rent a car in Thessaloniki?
A. August.

Q. What's the best value car hire brand in Thessaloniki?
A. Goldcar is the cheapest car rental brand in Thessaloniki, offering cars from just £7 per day.

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Fast facts

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City insights

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Driving tips

Speed Limits – Despite the way locals drive, there are speed limits in Greece. Avoid a racing-mindset or trying to overtake other drivers.

Be aware – Keep an eye out for two-wheeled vehicles. There are plenty of motorbikes and mopeds around that often weave through cars. Stay alert and check your mirrors.

Compulsory items – You must carry a warning triangle, fire extinguisher and first aid kit with you when driving in Greece. Before travelling, check with your rental company that they provide these essentials.

Language – Road signs are usually in Greek and English, but keeping notes of some Greek phrases is handy.

Car type – When thinking about your ideal type of car hire, keep in mind Greece’s hilly landscape and expensive petrol prices. You’ll want a vehicle with good fuel economy.

Majestic monuments

Ayías Sofías – One of the city’s oldest buildings, this 8th century church is an impressive display of Byzantine architecture. Look up at the dome, 10 metres in diameter, and admire the glittering mosaics.

The White Tower – Thessaloniki's most notable landmark, any souvenir you pick up will probably feature the 15th century tower. Prior it being the “White Tower”, it was known as the “Tower of Blood”, having housed an infamous prison.

Arch of Galerius – Ruins of a greater Roman structure, the arch is a distinct feature to Thessaloniki’s cityscape. This triumphal monument was erected to celebrate the victory against the Persians in 298 AD.

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki – Exhibitions about Jewish life in Thessaloniki before the Holocaust are housed in one of the few Jewish buildings to survive the city’s destructive 1917 fire.

The ultimate Greek road trip

  • Thessaloniki Airport SKG

    Thessaloniki Airport is the third-busiest airport in Greece.

  • Car hire pick up point

    Rental desks are located within the terminal on the ground floor of the arrivals hall.

  • Dion

    At base of Mount Olympus, Dion was formerly the sacred centre of Macedon. It's now an archaeological site covered in Greek and Roman ruins.

  • Laissa

    The hustle of this university town and transport hub flows through its quaint cafes and cool museums.

  • Meteora

    High atop this rock formation sits one of the largest monastery complexes.

  • Ioannina

    A beautiful town resting on the shores of one of Greece’s oldest lakes.

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Nearby drives

Ancient history


The Archaeological site of Aigai (also known as Vergina) was the original capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia. In 1977, clusters of burial grounds were uncovered, including the tomb of King Philip II, whose son – Alexander the Great – later expanded the Hellenistic world.

Among the UNESCO site’s most impressive ruins are the palace, featuring stunning wall paintings, and the necropolis. Within the area’s museum you can view excavated treasures and learn more about the ancient city.

Around an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki, Aigai makes for a perfect day trip or enroute stop during a greater Grecian road trip.