A guide to car rental for young drivers

The ultimate to car rental guide for young drivers

Regardless of age, renting a car and driving freely along open roads is a sought after dream. Yet for young drivers, the path to achieving that dream can be riddled with finely printed hurdles and steep fees.

There is a higher risk associated with renting to less experienced drivers, as costly insurance claims are made more often by young drivers. Due to this, if you are under 25, car hire companies will add on extra charges to ensure they are well covered for the rental.

Common FAQs

What is a “young driver surcharge”?

A young driver surcharge is a daily fee which the rental company adds on top of the regular rental price. The charge amount varies depending on supplier and rental location. It can also change based on the type of car you wish to hire. The fee will be added on whether you are the main or additional driver.

As well as the young driver surcharge, you may also find some car hire companies that require those under 25 to buy an all-inclusive insurance policy at the counter.

When searching with easyCar you'll find the young driver fee already included in the price of the vehicle (you can find the price breakdown under ‘Price Summary' after selecting your car).

How to get the best deal

It can be harder work to get a good car hire deal as a young driver, but not impossible. Search with easyCar, making sure to provide your age before you make the search, and we'll show you additional driver fees upfront. Look for smaller cars rather than larger more expensive models and be flexible with pick-up location (airports may prove to be cheaper than downtown branches). Worst case scenario, you may have to find a travel companion over the age of 25 to rent and drive the car – you can always return the favour when you hit 25!

Minimum age for car hire in some of easyCar's most popular destinations

CountryMinimum age for car hireAverage fees per day
Switzerland19CHF 15 - 20
France21€30 - €40
Portugal18€6 - €10
USA18 or 21 depending on the state$25
Germany18€10 - €20
Iceland20ISK 1,000
South Africa18ZAR 300.00

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